Adoption Information

Welcome to my world, and the Ethereal Beauty

and Grace of the Chinchilla Silver Persian!  

We searched all over  North America, and patiently waited for years before we were finally able to adopt our breeders.  We would not settle for anything but the BEST!  Our breeders are our pets first, breeders second, and will live here forever with us even after their breeding career is over.  Our passion for breeding comes from our commitment to not just preserve, but to better the bloodlines of this fantastic breed, as well as to make peoples dreams come true!  (As well as our own kitty dreams!)

We are a very small cattery, and only have one or two litters per year.  We are not a kitten factory!  We are small for a reason - so every one of our babies gets undivided attention, care and love.  Our kittens are smothered and covered with kisses & hugs multiple times per day, and as a result, have the sweetest, most loving purr-sonalities.  All our babies (big and small) are regarded as family members and

RULE THE ROOST here in our home!   


 Adopting a Chinchilla Silver Persian is a very serious commitment.  This breed requires a lot of grooming, regular bathing, eye cleaning, hygiene care,  dental care, veterinary care (as required) and loving attention.  We want to ensure all our babies will go to forever homes where they will be loved, protected and cared for in the same way we care for them here.  Moreover, are you prepared to be patient and wait many months, or even a year or more to adopt from us?  If you are not, then our kittens are not for you.  If you are willing to wait, and this is the breed of your dreams, then please call us directly at (604) 306-7517

Please leave a detailed message with your name and phone number if we do not pick up.  We want to know who our babies are going to, so be prepared to tell us about yourself (lots & lots of details please!) And why you want to adopt a kitten from us!  

For pricing and any other inquiries, please email info@snobelle.com

Kylie says:

I am tired and need a rest!

It takes a lot of work to raise little purring machines!